Is your TV Has Sound But No Picture? We will show you what steps you need to take and how to fix this problem. The screen will be completely back but you can hear the sound. Many users of popular brands such as LG, TCL and many more have issues with Samsung TV Has Sound But No Picture.

TV Has Sound But No Picture – How to Fix

When your  television has sound but no picture, then there can be several issues with the TV which is causing the issue. Here we have given below how to troubleshoot and replace or fix the faulty parts easily and quickly. Let’s begin.

Fix#1: Test using TV menu

Take the remote and point at the TV. Now press the menu button on the TV remote. You can also try by clicking the menu button on the TV. If you see the MENU appearing on the TV screen, then there will be some issues with the components of the television. Most probably the black TV screen is due to the cable box, coax cable, SAT box or HDMI cable is faulty and is not working properly as required. There might be some loose connection or you need to reset it. Let’s look at the steps you need to take.

  1. Unplug the TV and all components connected with the TV.
  2. Wait for approximately 5 minutes, so that they are reset.
  3. Connect all cables securely and tighten at each end.
  4. Start the TV.
  5. You can also update the TV’s software by using the TV Menu options. Make sure your TV has been updated to latest version.
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Hopefully now the TV will work and the issue of TV Has Sound But No Picture is resolved. If the issue still persists then let’s move on to the next solution.

Fix#2: Check the TV Input and all Components are ON

Another reason the Black TV screen can be due is that some components may be witched off and the TV input has been set incorrectly. If you are using ROKU or other similar device to watch the television then you can do the following steps:

  1. Make sure that ROKU or other similar components are switched ON.
  2. Make sure that TV Input is set correctly to the component you are using.
  3. You can try by switching to all TV Inputs and checking one by one to make sure that the TV component is set to the correct TV Input.

Often the TV input label is missing or marked incorrectly which can cause wrong TV input issues. So check b connecting with each input connection. If the black screen goes away, then your issue is now solved.


Even after doing the above steps you are still getting the black screen with sound issues, then it can be due to faulty COAX Cable or Faulty HDMI Cable.  You can follow the steps below:

  1. Replace the old COAX Cable with the new one.
  2. Replace the Old HDMI Cable with the new one.
  3. Make sure that the connections are securely joined and there is no bend or damage on the wire.
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If after replacing the old cables, the issue is gone, then the issue is with the faulty cable.

Fix#4: Faulty TV Panel

Ok, we have now come to the advanced part of troubleshooting. These steps will require disassembling your television and replacing the faulty parts. It is advised that you unplug the TV and wait for at least 5-6 hours. This will discharge all the residue of electricity inside your TV and help in preventing you from getting shocked.

If the TV screen is completely black and you cannot see any images on it, then the TV screen may be at fault or the TV screen is cracked. Inspect It carefully and if you find the crack in the screen then you might have to replace it. But in most cases it is better to buy a new TV than replacing the screen.

Fix#5: Faulty Circuit Board

Faulty Circuit Board TV has sound but no picture

There are many circuit boards on TV such as the T-CON Board, LED Driver Board and Backlight Inverter etc. Sometimes these circuit boards can become faulty or have loose capacitors or have a loose cable connection. Use a multimeter or any device to check if it’s working correctly or not. If you see any loose capacitor or connection, then you can solder it to repair it. Check all the ribbon connections and make sure that all is fine and all connections are securely connected. If the damage cannot be repaired then replace the circuit board.

Fix#6: Faulty LED or LCD

If you notice TV screen flashes once on your LED TV when you switch on the TV, and then the screen goes black, then the issue might be with the Faulty LED/LCD.

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There are many LEDs located behind the TV screen. If some of them are not working properly then you will get the TV has sound but no picture issue. To fix it, you need to completely dismantle your TV. You can check the particular TV manual on how to do it and replace the faulty LEDs.

Check out the video below on Fix TV has sound but no picture problem.

We also have a solution for TV that has no picture or sound on our website. Do check it out as well. We hope that your issue is now fixed. Please comment with your questions and we will be happy to answer.


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