If you accidentally broke your TV and have a cracked TV screen, then you can use tips given here to fix it. Many of the latest televisions such as LED and LCD TV are large but very delicate and can crack easily. You know you have cracked TV when you see vertical lines, or any cracked spots on a TV screen.

Many times, if your big and large flat screen TV is not attached to the wall and is simply supported by a TV stand, or the TV wall mount screw is loose, then there will be a higher chance of it accidentally falling over and resulting in a broken cracked TV screen.  If the crack is minor then you might be able to fix the cracked TV screen of LED, Plasma, LCD TV without spending too much money or buying a new TV. If your TV has sound but no picture, then you can check the solution here.

Sometimes the TV screen looks cracked but it is not actually cracked. If these issues occur without any external damage, then you can get it repaired for FREE using the manufacturer warranty. Many popular TV manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Insignia, Toshiba, JVC, Philips, Magnavox, Sanyo, and Emerson, provide manufacturer warranty for a long time. So, your TV might still be under warranty. So reach out to your TV company and get it repaired. If your TV screen is cracked from inside, then you might be able to replace the TV using warranty.

But please note that if your TV screen has any external damage or has taken a hit from the outside which caused the formation of colorful vertical lines on TV screen then your television will not be covered under the Warranty and you have to pay it to be repaired or have to get a new TV.

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If you are seeing any of the issues below in your LCD, LED TV:

  • Dreaded vertical lines
  • Part of the screen has become dark or has no display.
  • The TV screen is cracked or has a visible crack.
  • The screen is shattered or broken.

Then it is possible to get it fixed, but due to the nature of the issue, it might be better to buy a new TV rather than to repair the cracked TV screen, as repairing cost will be more. If the TV screen is cracked or broken, then you can order a new TV screen and replace it based on your TV type such as LCD, LED or Plasma screen. Many times, the TV screen will have some protective glass covering on the top which might be broken. So, we need to determine the exact issue before replacing the screen.

How to repair a cracked TV screen

Repair cracked TV screen

Repairing a cracked TV screen is very hard and you may face issues doing it. It requires a good knowledge of electronics and usage of equipment such as multimeter etc. The most common issues are cracked TV screen, Vertical lines, r distortion in image etc. f damage is minor and the damage has not passed the TV screen and the LED, LCD, plasma part of the TV are safe, then its possible to get it repaired for cheap.

Please note that if your television screen is severely cracked or broken and you can see a deep crack in the screen, then unfortunately the repair cost will be very high and the only advice we can give is to get a brand new TV.

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Before proceeding, you can visit the nearest TV repair shop for your Plasma, LED or LCD TV and ask them any questions you have regarding it. Many repair shops will simply not go to repair the cracked TV screen, as its cost will be too much. If the issue is minor then they can troubleshoot and replace the faulty internal parts. If your TV has a black screen issue or display issue then replacing the faulty TV part can solve the issue.

If your television is not under warranty or warranty has expired then you have to troubleshoot and fix your TV. If your TV screen is not cracked, the screen still does not have a good display, then the most possible cause is that one of the internal parts is damaged or faulty. TV has many circuit boards, parts and wiring.

Parts of LED or LCD TV that may have been damaged

  • Power Supply.
  • T-con Boards.
    cracked TV screen T-con Board
  • Inverter.
  • Controller Board.
  • Input/Output Signal.
  • IR sensor.

To determine which part may have failed is sometimes very difficult. It is possible to do it, but if you have no expertise in electronics equipment then we advise you not to troubleshoot. You can always take your TV to the nearest TV repair shop and have it repaired. Tell them that some TV parts are damaged and they can troubleshoot and repair it cheaply. If you can buy it online and do it yourself, it may cost more sometimes.

If your cracked TV screen has more damage and is beyond repair, then the only thing you can do is to sell the parts and recover the money. However, many used TV parts can have little value, but still you can sell them on eBay or amazon. You can also watch some tutorials on YouTube on how to take a part LCD/LED TV and repair it. But please be very careful as many parts can still have some power and can give shock to you. So do utmost care before doing it.

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We hope that the tips above helped you in solving your cracked TV screen issue. Please do comment with any questions and suggestions and we will be happy to answer you.

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