Is your garbage disposal just hums? So here we have given quick DIY fixes on how to Fix Garbage Disposal Humming. Usually the humming sound is an indication that the unit is getting power but the blades are not spinning or the motor is clogged.

Nowadays almost all homes have a garbage disposal unit. It is a very useful unit and also lasts for a long time without causing many issues. But sometimes due to malfunctions it can cause issues or stop operating. But the good news is that most issues can be solved easily and quickly. So, how to fix a garbage disposal that only hums? Most garbage disposals come with a tool known as Allen wrench. It is a very handy tool and you can use it to solve almost all issues related to the disposals. So to fix it quickly, take the Allen Wrench and stick it in the breaker socket hole below the disposer and try to turn it back and forth. This will help in unjamming the stuck flywheel so that it can turn freely. Please note that the hole you need to use is the one which is situated at the top and bottom of the disposer. You can also follow the fixes below to resolve the garbage disposal hums but doesn’t work.

How To Fix Garbage Disposal Humming

How To Fix Garbage Disposal Humming

Let’s look at some of the possible issues and fixes.

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Fix#1: Stuck Object

The Most Common Reason for Garbage Disposal Humming is there might be some item or food particles that are jammed in it and hence blades are unable to spin freely. So, let’s proceed

  1. Disconnect the garbage disposal from the power outlet.
  2. Take a flashlight and use it to inspect the drain opening and see if there is anything stuck there.
  3. Use a fork or tong to carefully remove the stuck object. Remember, never put your fingers or hands inside the garbage disposal.
  4. Now go to the hex socket (usually located in the center).
  5. Take a hex wrench and use it in the hex socket and try to turn it back and forth. This will help in loosening the impeller hub and also removing any stuck objects there.
  6. After doing the above steps, try to spin the wheel and if it spins freely, then use the hex wrench and place the bottom back again.
  7. Connect the disposer to the power outlet.
  8. Test the garbage disposal.

Hopefully this should fix the issue.

Fix#2: Disposer has Jammed

  1. Disconnect the garbage disposal from the power outlet.
  2. Locate the breaker socket at the bottom of the garbage disposer.
  3. Use an Allen wrench to stick it in the disposer breaker socket.
  4. Turn the Allen wrench tool back and forth so that the flywheel can turn and help in removing any jammed object in the impeller blades.
  5. If you don’t find the hex hole or if you don’t have any tool, then you can also use a short broom and use it to stick it in the garbage disposer to do the same.
  6. Plug the garbage disposal connection back and check if you are still hearing a humming or buzzing sound.
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Hopefully the sound issue is gone now. If the issue still persists then let’s check out another solution.

Fix#3: The Disposal Overheated

Sometimes the garbage disposal can get overheated due to overloading. You can switch off the disposal for a few hours and then try again. If the issue is still not resolved then you need to push the red button, which you can find on the bottom of the garbage disposal. Let’s look at the reset procedure.

  1. Switch ON garbage disposal.
  2. Locate the red button which you can find on the underside of your garbage disposal.
  3. Press the red button.
  4. Once the reset is done. Turn on the cold water.
  5. Switch ONĀ  garbage disposal.

Fix#4: GFI Has “Tripped”

Sometimes the GIFI outlet whether the garbage disposal plugs have tripped or not. If it has been tripped then you need to reset it.

Fix#4: Tripped Breaker

Are you running your garbage disposal with other home appliances? Then it can cause electric over load and hence can cause the breaker to trip. To fix this do the following:

  1. Open the Electric supply panel.
  2. Locate the switch which is powering the Kitchen.
  3. Make the Switch Off and then Switch On it again.
  4. If the switch is faulty, then replace it.

Check out the video below on garbage disposal hums but doesn’t work

Hopefully it will solve the garbage disposer humming issue. If the issue is not resolved then we advise you to contact the professional. Many times a fault cannot be repaired and then you need to buy a new garbage disposal.

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