Are you confused on which TV Wall Mount Screw Size for Fitting your TV to Wall? We have given here tips on how to find the exact TV Wall Mount Screw Size and use it to mount your TV to the wall.

So, you have a bought TV, let’s say Samsung and you need to mount the TV to the wall. You have all the equipment and instructions on how to do it. But then you notice that the Samsung TV mount screws don’t fit and the Samsung TV wall mount screw Size is too wide to fit in. So now you are stuck and wondering what to d next and how to find the correct type of TV wall mount screw for mounting the TV to wall.

What TV Wall Mount Screw Size Is Needed From Wall Bracket To TV?

Here we will give you tips on how to determine the Wall Mount Screw Size for fitting LED/LCD TV to Wall Bracket.

Type of Screws

  • The most commonly used TV wall mount screw Size to fit the TV into the wall bracket is an M8 screw.
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6

Please note that the length and size of screw will be based on the type and dimension of TV you will be using.

You can use the below Screw Kits to mount the TV to the wall. Some are Universal and some are designed for specific TV types.

  • Universal TV Mounting Screws and Washers
  • Samsung TV mounting bolts / screws and washers
  • Full Set LG TV Mounting Bolts/Screws Washers
  • Vizio TV mounting screws and washers
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TV Wall Mount Screw Size Comparison M8,M4, M6


Based on the TV, the size of screws such as length will depend.

Below we have given some of the most commonly used M8 Screw length for mounting TV.

  • 10 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 60 mm

Sometimes your television may require longer TV mount screws. Most of these screws come with a spacer which helps in allowing the flow of air behind the TV. It also helps in solving the length and size issues.
TV Wall Mount Screw Spacer

Spacers are used on TV Mount screws for airflow and length issues

Screen Size VESA (Inches) Bolt Size
Less than 19″ 3″ X 3″ M4
19″ to 22″ 4″ X 4″ M4
23″ to 29″ 4″ X 8″ M4
30″ to 40″ 8″ X 8″ M6
Greater than 40″ 16″ X 16″ M8

How to Calculate the Length/Depth of Wall mount Screw

  1. Take a pencil or Toothpick.
  2. Use the pencil and put it down into the TV mount screw hole. It will help in knowing the length of screw needed.

If you are confused, then you can also go for Universal TV to Wall Bracket Screw Kit. You can buy it either from the store or buy it online. The kit will have all the screws needed and also come with washers and spacers for good adjustments. Please note that the screw which will holds the mounting bracket to the TV must have at least 5 millimeter of threads into the television for the secure installation. Make sure that everything is correctly installed and also add the thickness to TV mounting bracket when you are calculating the TV mount screw length. This will help in more secure mounting. A wrong screw can cause in TV falling down and can result in a cracked TV screen. So handle everything carefully. Yo can also watch the video below for more clarification.

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If there is any confusion then we advise you to take help from a professional. Many online companies such as Amazon also  provide home service for TV mounting. We recommend using their services.

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