Is Your PS4 Randomly Turns Off? Don’t Worry, we have given here quick tips and DIY fixes to solve this issue. It is very frustrating when the PlayStation randomly shuts off.¬† You have been using the PS4 without any issues, and suddenly it will start turning off randomly without any warning. You will not get any warning or any red light flashing. The PS4 will shut down like there is a power outage. Sometimes it will work for a few hours, then again the problem will be back. It’s really frustrating when it happens in mid-game. You wonder, what do I do to fix it? Let’s look at some of the possible causes and solutions.

How to Fix PS4 Randomly Turns Off

PS4 Randomly Turns Off

There can be many reasons which cause the PS4 keeps turning off by itself. This could be due to loose connections, old or corrupt software, clogged air vents or faulty components. Let’s look at each cause and its respective fix one by one.

Fix#1: RESET the PlayStation

  1. Switch ON the PS4
  2. Go to Settings–>Intitialization–>Intialize System–>Full¬†Intitialization
  3. If the problem still persists then follow the steps below:
  4. Go to SAFE MODE.
  5. Now click on Rebuild Database.
  6. Make sure that PS4 is updated to the latest version.
  7. Go to SYSTEM settings.
  8. Make sure that the software has been updated to the latest version.

Fix#2: Update the PS4 in Safe Mode

Sometimes some bad updates can corrupt the firmware. Installing day one or zero day software updates will help in resolving this issue.

  1. Take an empty USB stick.
  2. Create a PS4 folder in it. Create another folder UPDATE inside the PS4.
  3. Go to this link.
  4. Download the latest update to the UPDATE folder.
  5. Shut down the PlayStation.
  6. Insert the USB to a USB port on PS4.
  7. Press and Hold the Power button for 7-8 seconds. The PlayStation will start in safe mode.
  8. Select the option “Update System Software”.
  9. Follow the instructions and update the software.
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Hopefully now the PS4 Randomly Turns Off will be resolved. If the issue still persists then go to the next step.

Fix#3: Check All Connections

  1. Turn off the PS4 by holding the power button for about 7 seconds. You will hear it beep twice which indicates that PS4 is completely shut down.
  2. Many times, a power cable that connects to the main power supply can have loose connection or is damaged. Check the power cord carefully to see if there are any signs of damage. If the power cale is faulty then replace it. Now connect the cable securely.
  3. The power cable on the power bar can be loose or damaged. Inspect it and replace it if necessary.
  4. The power cable which connects to the back of PlayStation can become loose or is damaged. Make sure it is securely connected and has no signs of damage.

After tightening all connections and replacing damaged cabled, the issue should be gone. If the PS4 shuts off during gameplay, then check out the following steps:

Fix#4: Check Ventilation and Fan

  1. Make sure that the PS4 is placed in a well ventilated area. It will help in dissipate heat and hence your PS4 will not overheat and prevent it from turning off randomly.
  2. Carefully Inspect the Fan area and make sure that the fan is not getting blocked by some debris. Fan should be working to keep the PS4 cool and avoid overheating.
  3. Take a compressed air can, and use it to power flow air into the PS4 to remove any dust or debris partcles from inside it.
  4. Repeat it until you are sure that all dust and debris are removed and air flow has now blockage.
  5. Make sure that the PlayStation cooling fan is working and spinning. Sometimes fan can burn out and hence stop spinning, causing them to overheat and randomly shuts off issue.
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Please check out the video below for a solution as well.

We hope that the above fixes will help you in resolving the issue. If your XBOX randomly turns off, then we also have a solution for it here. Please comment with your questions and suggestions and we will be happy to answer them.

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