Is your Samsung Dryer Not Heating? We have given here tips on how to troubleshoot and fix the issue. There can be many reasons which can cause Samsung dryer to run but will not heat. If it has a bad or damaged element, it will prevent the Dryer from becoming heated and hence Dryer not drying clothes. You should do some testing to identify the bad element or cause and proceed with the fix.

How to Fix Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Let’s look at some of the possible issues and fixes for it.

Fix#1: Check Thermal Fuse

samsung dryer Thermal fuse

The main function of thermal fuse is to protect the Samsung dryer from overheating. You can find thermal fuse normally on the blower housing. If it’s not there then you can find it on the Samsung dryer’s heating source, such as on the heating element or on the burner side if you are using a gas dryer.

See, the thermal fuse should be closed so that the electrical current can have a continuous path. Sometimes due to overheating or shortage, the fuse will burn or break and hence the continuous electrical path will get broken which can cause Samsung Dryer Not Heating issue. You will need a multimeter to test the thermal fuse. Grab a multi-meter and test for continuous electric path. Also please note that a damage fuse is also an indication that exhaust vent is restricted or blocked and hence the air is not going outside. So make sure to check the dryer venting when you replace the blown thermal fuse with the new one.

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Fix#2: Check Gas Valve Solenoid

If you have a gas driver, then it will have 2 or more gas valve solenoid coils. The function of gas valve solenoid is to give opening to gas valve ports and, so help in allowing the gas flow entering the burner assembly. So, if the gas solenoid is not working or is damaged then it will result in the Samsung Dryer Not Heating issue.

So, how to check if the gas valve solenoid is not working? You need to troubleshoot it and to do it you need to check the igniter of the dryer. So when testing, if the igniter flows and then goes out, but it is not able to ignite the gas, then you can be sure that gas valve solenoid is damaged or not working. If this is the case, then the best solution for it is to have a replacement and get a new one.

Fix#3: Check Igniter

The main function of igniter is to ignite the gas which is in the burner assembly. If there is any issue in the igniter, then it will not be able to ignite the gas, Hence dryer will not get heated. So to check if igniter is burned out, you need to take a multimeter and and use it to test for the continuity of electricity. If the multimeter shows that the igniter does not have any continuity then it should be replaced to solve the issue.

Fix#4: Check Heating Element

Basically, the man function of heating element is to warm the air before it is entering the drum of the Samsung dryer. Due to constant use or due to some short circuiting, the heating can burn out resulting in Dryer running but not heating issues. So, to troubleshoot it, you need to take  the multimeter to test for the continuity. If you don’t find any continuity of current in multimeter, then it’s time to replace it.

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Fix#5: Check Flame Sensor

If you are using a Samsung dryer, then check for flame sensor.  The main function of flame sensor is to detect the heat emitted by the flame. If the flame sensor is faulty or damaged, then the Samsung dryer won’t heat. Please make sure that before dong this step, you have already checked the thermal fuse and igniter and if they are working well then only check for Flame sensor. Again, you need to take the multimeter. Well, multimeter is important in all these tests. So having it is very handy. Test the flame sensor under room temperature for continuity of electricity. No continuity means that the flame sensor is faulty. Replace it with a new one.

Fix#6: Check Incoming Voltage

Many times the incoming voltage can cause problems. Samsung Electric Dryer commonly has 2 legs of 120V, both combined to make 240 volts. There might be a chance that if one fuse gets damaged then the dryer will run but will not heat. So to troubleshoot this, you need a multimeter and check the circuit breaker or fuse box by measuring the voltage.

Fix#7: Check High Limit Thermostat

Samsung Dryer Not Heating Thermostat

The main function of the high limit thermostat is as a safety mechanism to prevent the dryer from overheating. It will shut down whenever the Samsung dryer overheats. Sometimes, it may become faulty and can cause the burner to shut off even if the dryer has not over heat. This happens very rarely but it happens sometimes. So after checking all the above parts, check the high limit thermostat by dong the continuity test using multimeter. f it fails the continuity test then you need to replace the faulty High Limit Thermostat. Hopefully it will solve the Samsung Dryer Not Heating issue.

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Fix#8: Check Cycling Thermostat

The main function of the cycling thermostat is to regulate the air temperature in dryer by cycling heat on and off inside the dryer. A defective cycling thermostat can cause the dryer to run but not heat problem. Again take the multimeter and do the continuity test. If it fails, replace it.

This Samsung dryer not heating Fix will work on all Samsung clothes dryer model numbers namely: DV306BEW, DV306LEW, DV316BEC, DV316BEW, DV316HEC, DV316LES, DV316LEW, DV317AEG, DV317AES, DV317AEW, DV328AEG, DV328AER, DV328AEW, DV330AEB, DV338AEB, DV330AEW, DV331AER, DV331AEW, DV337AEG, DV337AEL, DV337AER, DV337AEW, DV338AEW, DV339AEG, DV339AEL, DV339AER, DV339AES, DV339AEW, DV340AEG, DV340AER, DV350AEG, DV350AEP, DV350AER, DV350AEW, DV393ETPARA, DV393ETPAWR, DV395ETPARA, DV395ETPAWR, DV3C6BEW, DV405ETPASU, DV405ETPAWR, DV407AEW, DV409AER, DV409AEW, DV409SEL, DV410AER, DV410AEW, DV419AES, DV419AEU, DV419AEW, DV428AEL, DV428AEW, DV431AEP, DV431AEW, DV438AEL, DV438AER, DV448AEE, DV448AEP, DV448AEW, DV456EWHDWR, DV484ETHASU, DV484ETHAWR, DV501AEW, DV5451AEP, DV5451AEW, DV5471AEP, DV5471AEW, BED70B, BED70W, DV203AES, DV203AEW, DV206AES, DV206LEW, DV209AEW, DV210AES, DV210AEW, DV218AEB, DV218AES, DV218AEW, DV219AEB, DV219AEW, DV220AEW, DV221AEG, DV221AES, DV229AEG, DV231AEW, DV2C6BEW, MDE6700AYW, MDE6700AZW, MDE9700AYM, MDE9700AYW, MDE9700AZM, MDE9700AZW, NED7200TW, YIED7200TW, and YNED7200TW.

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