Are you getting LG Washer UE Error code in your LG washing machine? Here we have given a solution on how to fix this error. The Lg Top Loading washing machine can display UE Error code due to many reasons such as unbalanced load, wrong positioning of tub or leveling issue.

How to Fix LG Washer UE Error

How to Fix LG Washer UE Error

Most of the time, LG Washer UE error can be easily solved by redistributing the clothes in an evenly manner or by leveling the washing machine properly. The Error “UE” or “uE” means that there is an unbalanced load in the washer. If the LG washer detects any imbalance in clothes load or there is any overloading then it will flash the error code “uE“. First the LG washer will try to balance automatically and it will try this 3 times. When it is unsuccessful in doing this, then it will show an error n the display panel. Then you need to manually correct the error. Let’s look at some of the causes and its solution to fix the error.

Fix#1: Run the spin cycle with no load

First do the recommended fix as given by LG to solve the problem. Please do the following:

  1. First, empty the wash drum completely.
  2. Now switch on the dishwasher.
  3. Click the “RINSE and SPIN” cycle.
  4. Click on the start button.
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This spin cycle will take almost 20 minutes to finish. Hopefully now the error is gone now.

Fix#2: Wash Tub is Imbalanced

Sometimes the Tub is wrongly positioned and is imbalanced. It can cause LG washer UE error.

  1. Make sure that Tub is positioned correctly.
  2. You now need to open the washer Lid.
  3. Take a look inside the washer.
  4. Inspect the plastic guard and check if it’s tilting on one side.
  5. If the wash tub is tilting on one side, then adjust it to make it balanced.
  6. You can do this by making the washer feet level, which is located at the bottom of the washing machine.
  7. You can raise the washing machine by turning the foot clockwise, And to lower the washer, you need to turn the foot anti clockwise.

Fix#3: Uneven Distribution of Clothes

Check if there is an uneven distribution of clothes in the washer tub. If it is, then try to evenly distribute the clothes and try again. For smaller loads, we recommend using spin at low or no speed. Also try to wash the same fabric clothes at the same time. For example, wash all cotton shirts at the same time. When you are washing large clothes such as blankets, sheets, towels etc, then set the sin speed to low and redistribute the load evenly manually. This will help in preventing the LG Washer UE Error.

Please note that if in you are getting the UE error code in LG top loading washer even with no load, then you may have to update the software to the latest one. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

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Check out the below video on How to Fix the Error Code UE on LG Top Loading Washer

Please comment with your questions and suggestions and we will be happy to answer. Is your washer spinning but clothes are still wet? then check our website for solutions. Keep visiting ErrorFixIt for more DIY solutions.

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