Is your Dryer Not Drying Clothes? Then you are in the right place. Here we have given simple DIY fixes to solve the dryer won’t dry clothes issue. A clothes dryer is one of the most used and most important appliances in the home. It makes cleaning and drying of clothes easy so that we can wear them for our daily work.

So when the Dryer stops working, then it can make our life difficult very fast. We will be stuck with piles of wet clothes and we will have to wear the same clothes for many days.

But the good thing is that the Dryer is not as complicated as other home appliances, and has a relatively simple design. So the most commonly known issues can be easily fixed by dong DIY troubleshoots and fixes. So, let’s start.

How to Fix Dryer Not Drying Clothes

Here are some of the possible issues and fixes for dryer isn’t drying issue.

Fix#1 : Clean the Dryer lint filter

Dryer lint filter Dyer Not Drying

The first thing you need to do when you face the issue is to check and clean the dryer lint filter trap. Many people don’t know that they have clean the Lint Filter regularly. An uncleaned lint filter can become clogged up very fast. This will in turn stop the air circulation in the dryer and hence the Dryer will not be a able to dry the clothes completely. A clogged dryer vent will not allow for heat and moisture to escape, which results in clothes not drying and staying wet.

We recommend cleaning the Lint Filter after every use, so that this situation should not occur in the future.

Fix#2: Clean the Hot Air Vent Hose

Clogged Hot Air Vent Hose

If even after cleaning the lint filter, the problem is not solved, then the other possible cause s that Hot Air Vent hose has become clogged, caked or is got filled with lint which is constantly being collected from the clothes when it dries. So when the vent hose is clogged, Dryer will be unable to exhaust the hot air inside it/ So, this will make the clothes to not dry or clothes drying will take longer, due to no hot air. You will also observe that Dryer is not heating. Vent hose is usually located on the back of the dryer. You need to clean the inside and out of the hot air vent hose to solve this problem. Let’s look at the steps on how to do it.

  1. Switch off the Dryer and unplug the dryer from the power supply.
  2. Now carefully slide the dryer little forward and go behind it.
  3. Now check for the Air Vent hose. It is usually silver in color.
  4. You can see that it is connected from wall to dryer. lose the connection and remove it.
  5. You can remove the hose by squeezing it on both outer ends and then gently pulling the vent hose outward.
  6. You can either use a long dryer vent brush or similar type of brush to clean the vent hose inside with it. Remove all dust particles and lint residues.
  7. Also, clean the back dryer’s area and the hole in the wall from where the dryer is connected.
  8. Once all the dirt and lint is removed the hose, reattach the vent into the dryer and the wall.
  9. Slide the Dryer to the original position.
  10. Make sure that you do not twist the hose when reattaching as it can cause blockage of hot air and causing dryer not drying clothes issue again.
  11. Plug the Dryer and test again for the problem.
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Hopefully Dryer will now heat up and dry the clothes. If the issue is still not fixed then let’s proceed to the next solution.

Fix#3: Drum is not Turning

Another possible cause for dryer not drying is that dryer drum is not turning. If the drum does not turn, the clothes will not dry. The most likely cause will be that the dryer drum belt is broken. The dryer drum belt is a thin belt which is wrap around the drum. To determine if the belt is broken, go near the drum and try to spin it, If it spin easily then it may be due the broken belt. But usually these belts are strong and rarely ever brake. But still it is better to check it.

Another possible cause of Dryer Drum not turning is due to overheating. Sometimes the dryer will overheat and this can cause the motor of the drum to stop working temporarily. The overheating will start the safety mechanism (Thermal Protection) which will stop the motor and hence the drum will not spin. So if drum doesn’t turn then cloth will not move and hence will not dry. SO, If you observe that motor is not working, but other parts of dryer such as lights and other parts are working, then it can be due to that motor has overheated.  To solve this, you need to give some time to motor so that it can cool down. Wait for an hour or so, and then start the dryer. Hopefully now Drum will turn and clothes will dry. Sometimes Motor also overheats due to overloading of clothes. As such, testing it will less load will resolve the issue.

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Fix#4: Drum Support Roller has Worn Out

Worn support rollers are one of the most common causes for dryers not to dry clothes. Roller has to spin properly, so that it can allow the nice air flow in the dryer. If the Drum Roller has worn out, then it will make the dryer to not to spin properly. You can hear some screeching sound when this issue occurs. It is very important that when your dryers make an unusual sound, you should get it serviced. You need to replace the worn out drum rollers with new ones. It is recommended that when replacing a roller, you need to replace all rollers, so that everything works fine.

Fix#5: Dryer Glides Has Worn Out

The main function of Dyer Glides is to reduce the friction and helps in smooth turning of the dryer drum. It is usually made of hard plastic. It can wear out overtime. It can also wear out fast due to constant overloading. You need to replace it with the new one.

A worn out glide can damage the drum and other parts of the dryer due to friction. A healthy functioning Glides will not only improve the performance of Dryer but also will increase its life span.

Fix#6: Faulty Motor

Dyer motor can fail and hence will cause Dryer not drying clothes. You may know the motor has failed if you observe that dryer s stoppng md cycle or Dryer is taking a very long time to run. Also many motors are thermally protected. So due to overheat they can automatically shut down. n that case you need to wait for few hours and then use the dryer. Motor can also fail due to overload of clothes or due to the clogging of more lint. Take help from experts to repair the motor or replace t with new one.

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Fix#7: Broken Thermal Fuse or Thermostat

Thermal Fuse/Thermostat is a very important part of the Dryer. It is a small part but lays a very huge role in operating the dryer. It is designed for safety purpose, and whenever the motor/dryer overheats, It will cut of the supply and protect the dryer from further damage.

Sometimes, Thermal Fuse will become shorted and will not get reset. So, In that case, you need to determine what causes the thermal fuse to short out. Most of the problems may be overloading of clothes, blockage of vents or any other shorted element. You can take help from professionals to solve this problem.

Fix#8: Faulty Heating Element

The man function of the heating element is to heat the air and turn the air into hot air to dry the clothes. It pushes the hot air through the drum to the lint filter. If there is any issue in circulation of air flow, it will result in dryer issues. Continuous use of dryer can result in heating element damage and it to become faulty. Be very careful when working with Heating element. We recommend that you take help from experts to solve this issue.

The above solutions can work on most of the dryers such as Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, MayTag, Kenmore, LG, Frigidaire, Amana, Electrolux etc.

We have given above the most common fixes for Dryer Not Drying Clothes Problem. There might be any other issues that can cause the problem. For that you need to dismantle the dryer and check for the faulty parts or loose parts or shorted wire. You can always take help from an appliance repair person and get it solved. If you have any questions or suggestions then please comment. We will be happy to answer.

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