Are you getting the Whirlpool Washer Error Code F21 in your washer? What does it mean and how to fix it? Hew we will answer all these questions and give you Tips on how to troubleshoot and fix it.

Normally the Whirlpool Duet front/top loading washer will keep flashing the F21 error code when it s faced with the particular issue. The washer will not complete the wash cycle and clothes will not be fully washed. You can do some DIY fixes to solve this issue. First you need to know what this error code means and what parts need to be checked.

The Whirlpool Washer Error Code F21 means that the Whirlpool washer is unable to drain the water. This issue occurs when the drain pump or the drain hose is clogged with dirt and debris causing water to get stuck and hence the washing machine is unable to drain the water out. So, when the washer shows this error, The washer is taking a very long time or is unable to drain the water out from the tub.

How to Fix Whirlpool Washer Error Code F21

Let’s see some of the possible causes and the fix for it.

Whirlpool Washer Error Code F21

Fix#1: Reset the Error code

Whenever you see the F21 Error, try pressing “Pause/Cancel”, which will stop the current wash cycle. If you see the water is still there in the whirlpool washer tub, then press the “Drain/Spin” button. This will force the start of the secondary drain cycle which will help in removing the water from the tub. If all the water from the tub has drained out, then you can again start a new wash cycle by pressing the “Start” button. Hopefully it will fix the issue.

Fix#2: Clean the Drain Hose

drain hose clogged whirlpool

If even after resetting the error code, you are still getting the Whirlpool Washer Error Code F21, then the issue might be with the drain hose.

  1. first take a towel and put it on the floor which will help to protect the floor from any water that leaks.
  2. Now disconnect the drain hose from the back of the Whirlpool washer.
  3. Carefully, clean the entrance of the drain hose.
  4. Take the hose in your hand and shake it firmly to remove and dislodge any clogs.
  5. When reconnecting, make sure to make the drain hose straighten, as any bend or twist in the hose can also cause drain issues.
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Fix#3: Check Standpipe or Drain Facility

It is very important that drain hose is properly installed into the drain facility/standpipe, so that the water can be drained out efficiently. So any issue with Standpipe or drain facility can result in the “F21” Error code. Lets see how to troubleshoot it.

If Drain Hose is connected to a standpipe, then do the following steps.

  1. Carefully measure the distance from the bottom of the whirlpool washer to the top of the washer drain hose (from connection point of hose and standpipe).
  2. If the distance is more than 96 inches, then disconnect the washer’s drain hose and place it slghtly lower on the standpipe.
  3. Secure it firmly.

If Drain Hose is inserted directly into a standpipe, then do the following steps.

  1. If you observe that the drain hose is pushed too far into the standpipe, then pull the hose slightly upwards.
  2. This will help in giving an air gap between the drain hose and the drain and prevent any clogging issues.

Hopefully the “F21” Error will now go away.

Fix#4: Using Wrong type of detergent

The Whirlpool Duet washing machine is specially designed to be very power efficient. Hence, it will also require a very high-efficiency detergent. Normally these detergents are labeled as “HE”. It is highly recommended to use these type of detergents. Using the wrong type of detergent can cause the formation of excess foam during the wash cycle. All these foams can clog the drain hose and cause the F21 Error code. You can also go for a new Drain/Spin cycle, which will help in removing the excess foam and soap and can help in resolving the issue. Also, while using the HE detergent, please look at the product instruction and use the appropriate amount for washing.

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Fix#5: Faulty Motor

Another possible cause of this issue is due to the faulty motor. So, the first step is to check that the dran pump s getting proper power supply when the drain cycle starts. Please note that the drain pump should get the 120V voltage when it runs. So, even if it looks like the drain pump is not running and is faulty, it may be due to the faulty power supply control board, which is not sending enough power supply to drain pump to start.

If you have determined that Drain Pump is getting the correct power supply, then you can be almost sure that drain pump is faulty. You need to do some troubleshooting and find the issue in the pump. You need to dismantle the pump and see if there is any blockage in it. Use some electrical equipment such as multimeter to see if there s any electrical or mechanical issues. You will need to replace the faulty drain pump with the new one.

You can also watch the video below to fix Error F21

Hopefully the above fixes will help you in solving the whirlpool washer error code F21. If you are confused, then always take help from a professional and get the issue resolved. Please do comment with your issue or suggestion and we will be happy to help. Keep visiting ErrorFixIt.

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