It will be very frustrating when you face the Washing Machine Spinning But Clothes Still Wet issue. But don’t worry, here we have given you Tips on how to fix it. Here we will show you how to troubleshoot and fix the clothes still wet after spin cycle issue.

How to Fix Washing Machine Spinning But Clothes Still Wet

Check out the possible causes and solutions below and find out why washer not spinning clothes dry. You can apply these fixes to both top loading and front loading washers. So lets begin. You can use these troubleshooting tips for all major washing brands such as Amana, Asko, Beko, Bosch, Daewoo, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, GE, Haier, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool and many more.

Fix#1 : Use the correct Wash Cycle setting

Make sure that the washing machine is correctly programmed and is using the correct wash cycle. Please note that different wash cycles will sin the clothes at different speeds. So depending on the clothes load, you need to adjust the washer cycle.

If your washer allows you to select different spin cycle speeds, then go for a higher one to fix the issue. Also, cold water wash cycles usually leave the clothes wet at the end of the cycle. For this, you can go for the warm or hot water setting.

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Fix#2 : Drain Hose is Clogged or Bent

washing machine spinning but clothes still wet drain hose position

If the washing machine spinning but clothes still wet, then the next solution is to inspect the drain hose which is usually situated at the back of the washer. Check if there are any bends in the hose which can stop the water from draining out, which in turn will result in clothes remaining wet.

We recommend removing the drain hose from the drain pump and checking both pump and hose for any blockages that may have been restricting the flow of water. After removing all blockages, hopefully now your washer will spin the clothes to dry.

Fix#3 : Drain Hose is not positioned correctly

If the washer not spinning clothes dry, then the issue might be due to the incorrect position of the drain hose. If the drain hose is too far down or is a little higher then it can cause the issue of water not draining the water issue. This will result in clothes remaining wet after the spin cycle.

If the drain hose on the back of your washer is too far down or not down far enough in the standpipe, this can cause an issue with proper draining and can cause the washer to not fully drain out the water and therefore your clothing will still be soaking wet after a wash cycle.

Fix#4 : Drain Filter or Coin Trap is Clogged

If your clothes still wet after spin cycle, then the issue might be with a debris filter or coin trap that may have some blockage in it. Drain Filter or Coin Trap is a filter which you can find normally at the bottom of the washer. These filters help in capturing all the debris particles, coins, buttons and other small particles etc, and filter the water before it is drained out.

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Drain filter is usually located at the bottom of the washer and the coin trap is usually located at the back of the access panel. Clean the filter and this will help in removing any blockage and now water can easily drain out. Once dne, the washer will be able to spin dry your clothes.

Fix#5 : Washer Tub/Drum is Imbalanced

Most of the washing machines consist of only one large blanket. This can cause the imbalance resulting in water not getting drained out from the washer. Since drum/Tub is imbalanced, it will be unable to dispense all the water. This can also cause loud nose. We have also given fix for Washer makes loud noise during spin cycle.

To resolve this, you need to add clothes in such a way that it is balanced on all sides. Don’t keep one large cloth item (such as blanket, big sweater etc) on one side. Always try to put even number of clothes into the washer so that they are evenly distributed and hence stopping the imbalance of the tub. Hopefully now the washing machine spinning but clothes still wet is now resolved.

Fix#6 : Loose or Faulty Washer Belt

Another possible cause for clothes remains wet in the washer is that the belt on the washer pump/motor may have worn out or has become loose. If the motor belt become loose than the Tub will have difficulty spinning a huge amount of clothes. It will therefore be unable to drain the excess water out of the washer.

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This will cause the washer not spinning clothes dry issue. So check the belt for any wear or tear or if it has straightened up. It is better to replace the damaged washer drive belt with the new one.

Fix#7: Faulty Lid Switch Assembly/Door Lock Switch

if the lid switch is damaged or faulty, then washer will not drain water. They may be faulty due to some mechanical or electrical issue. So, to troubleshoot it, you need to take a multimeter and do the continuity test. If the continuity test fails, then replace them.

Another possible cause could be the incorrect positioning of lid switch or the door lock assembly. It might also be loose and is not securely connected. Also after long usage, they might get disconnected from power supply due to constant vibration. In these cases, you need to tighten the connection.

You can also check the video below to solve the washing machine spinning but clothes still wet issue.

We hope that your issue is resolved. Also check Our article on Washer Leaking from Bottom. If you have any other solution or have any questions, please comment here and we will be happy to answer.

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