Is your ceiling fan making noise? Here are some tips to solve this issue. Ceiling fans is one of the most necessary things in our home. While many use the AC, the fan still provides a cooling experience at a much cheaper cost.

A noisy ceiling fan can be very annoying and can disrupt our daily routine. You are sitting in your room, relaxing and doing your work or reading a book, and then suddenly you hear a grinding or rattling sound from the ceiling fan. It can seriously ruin your peaceful day.

Sometimes, when the fan makes noise when rotating, it can annoy us so much that we would prefer to switch off the fan rather than bearing the heat. Many people tend to ignore the ceiling fan sound, but you know, there are some quick DIY fixes that you can do now to reduce the noise and hence getting a nice peaceful sleep. Check it out.

How to FIX Ceiling Fan making noise Issue

FIX Ceiling Fan making noise

Ceiling fan makes noise when rotating can be due to many reasons. Faulty Fans make different types of noise and you can get a clue of what the problem is and which parts needs to be checked, by identifying the type of sound. We have given below the possible causes based on the sounds.

Hope you get the idea. So, before we go to fix a noisy ceiling fan, make sure that the fan is switched off. Let’s proceed.

Fix#1: Clean the blades completely

Sound may be coming due to the dirty fan blades. So take a microfiber towel. You can buy it from Amazon here. Use it to clean the blades. Make sure that the towel is dry and not wet. Use a ladder or any supporting object to reach the fan. Please be very careful and always remember, safety first. The supporting object or ladder should be stable and it should not be wobbling.

Clean all the dust which has accumulated on the blades. Now use a cleaner and wipe the blades to make it dust free. These dust particles can make a squeaking noise when the fan rotates. So, cleaning the fan blades should fix the issue.

Fix#2: Tighten the Blades

Ceiling fans can make rattling or clicking noises due to the loose parts. So the first thing you need to do is to check if blades are tightened securely. You can test it by trying to wiggle the blades and you will observer that the blade will wiggle side to side or up and down easily.

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Use a screw driver to tighten the screws. We recommend checking the blades every 6 months, so that everything is fine and you don’t have to overwork on the noisy fan issue.

Fix#3: Tighten the Ceiling Mount

The ceiling mount helps the fan to be attached securely to the wall and also connects all the electrical connection to the fan.

Sometimes the screws in the mount can become loose and hence can make a ceiling fan to make a squeaking noise. If the screw becomes more loose than it can even cause the ceiling fan to wall. Tighten each screw securely and also make sure that if there are any damaged screws, then quickly replace them.

Fix#4: Tighten the Bulb Screw

Many ceiling fans come with light bulbs. Many times these bulbs can get loose and hence can cause vibrating squeaking noise. So check that they are all steady. If you see them wobble, then use a screwdriver to tighten the screw. This should fix the issue.

Also, many ceiling fans come with globes which usually cover the light bulbs. If they are not tightening enough then it can produce very annoying noise. So tighten each screw tightly with a screwdriver. If you see any damage or crack in the globe, then replace it. for you to replace it.

Fix#5: Fan Blades are Bent

If you observe that fan blades are bent upwards or they are bent downwards, then this can cause the unbalance between the blades of the fan and hence the fan will wobble and can cause the rubbing noise.

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So make sure to check each blade angle and ensure they they are all the same. you can remove the fan blades and then lay them on top of each other to see if they are fitting and have the same angle. You can also use a balancing clip to balance the blade. You need to do trial and error until the noise is reduced.

Fix#6: Lubricate the motor

If you are hearing a squeaking or grinding noise, then it may be due to the reason that the motor has lost its lubricating oil.

So, take a general purpose lubricating oil and drop a few drops onto the motor (from the upper main shaft). This will allow the lubricating oil to reach the bearing and hence lubricating it. It may require you to take apart the fan to reach the motor and its bearing. So, it may require some expertise and if needed always take help from professionals.

We hope that the ceiling fan making noise issue is now resolved and now once again you can enjoy a peaceful evening. If the problem still persists, then take the ceiling an to any repair shop and get it repaired. Please visit our site ErrorFixIt for more DIY fixes.

Do comment with your questions and suggestions and we will be happy to answer them.

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