You have just removed the carpet  and now you are stuck with the glue sticking on the floor. So now you will be wondering How To Remove Glue From Concrete Floor? Here we have given a solution to this problem. Tips given below are easy tom implement and are very easy to prepare for your concrete floors for hardwood or laminate tiles.

If you decide to renovate your home and start decorating the floor, you will often pull up the old carpet and tiles very quickly. But this can result in some adhesive or glue sticking on to the concrete floor below it. These adhesives/glue remaining on the floor do not look pleasant to the eyes and also make it difficult to refurnish the floor. It can sometimes be difficult to removing glue from concrete floor, but following the right process, you can do it easily and quickly.

For doing this you can also use some environmentally friendly products or some Toxic chemical to remove the glue fast from concrete floor. Take utmost caution when using toxic chemical glue strippers as they can create toxic fumes that can be dangerous to your health and environment too. They can also cost more. So, lets look at some of the methods to remove glued carpet.

How To Remove Glue From Concrete Floor

Here are some of the methods you can use.

Solution#1: By Using Hand Scraper

Go to your local Walmart or any store and buy a large long handle razor blade scraper. They are big and will be the size almost equal to the size of a broom, but will have a big sharp razor blade at the end of it. Because of razor blades, you can easily remove the glue from the concrete floor. Wear protective gloves to avoid the formation of blisters. If t is proving hard to remove the glue, you can also go for the power scraper or take a reciprocating saw with scraper attachment. Hopefully it will remove the glue now. Clean all the residues left behind and dispose of it.

How To Remove Glue From Concrete Floor Using Hand Scraper

Solution#2: Soften the Glue/Adhesive

If by using the above scraping method, you are still unable to remove glue from the carpet, then you need to soften the Glue. Take rubber gloves and put them in your hand. Now take a pan and boil water and pour the hot boiling water on the floor where you want to remove the adhesives. Wait for 2-5 minutes so that the hot water penetrates the layer of glue. The heat will help in softening the glue and then it will be very easy to scrape it off. Now scrape the glue from the concrete using handy razor blade scraper.

Solution#3: By Using heavy duty scrubber

Even after using the above two methods, you are still stuck with leftover glue and you are now wondering  “How To Remove Glue From Concrete Floor?”. Then try to remove the adhesive using a heavy duty scrubber to scrub the remaining left over. Take a 5 gallon bucket, pour in it 1 gallon of boiling water, add 2 cups of ammonia and also add a few drops of Dawn liquid detergent. Now dip the brush of heavy duty scrubber into the mixture you have prepared and try to scrub all the glue from the concrete floor. After doing this clean the floor.

Solution#4: Use Chemical Adhesive Remover

Another method is to use a chemical adhesive remover which will help in removing the glue easily. We recommend using the adhesive remover which is based on citrus. After applying the chemical, let it sit there for about half an hour before going to the next step. We also recommend to first use a small amount and try it on a small surface area, so that you will get to know how to do it before you do it for whole floor. It is also best practice to do it on small patches at a time, so that it can be cleaned efficiently. It will also help you in saving the amount of the remover you wil be using, and also the solution will not dry as you will be able to clean it quickly. Hopefully now you will get the answer for How To Remove Glue From Concrete Floor?

Solution#5: Heating with Iron

Another method to soften the adhesive/glue is to heat it with an iron. So first thing is to take some pile of old newspaper and then put several layer of newspaper over the affected area. It will help in avoiding the overheating of glue and also helps in avoiding it from sticking it to the iron surface. Now run the iron over the newspaper layer. Repeat it a few times till you notice that the glue has softened. Now use the scraper to remove the glue from the concrete surface.

You can also watch the video below on how to remove glue from concrete floor.

We hope that we are able to solve your problem. Please comment with your questions and suggestions, and we will be happy to answer them. Do visit ErrorFixIt for more DIY solutions.


One last method you can use for softening adhesive is to heat it with an iron. Place several layers of old newspaper over the glue to keep it from sticking to hot, metal face plate, and then run the iron over the spot. Repeat this a few times as needed.

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